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AstraZeneca Biography

Pro to the question "Should Prescription Drugs Be Advertised Directly to Consumers?"

“AstraZeneca believes responsible direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising is integral to raising disease awareness, fostering patient education, enhancing the patient/physician dialogue and encouraging medication adherence. And we also recognize that consumers today need to be engaged differently. Ads need to be both informative and compelling to make a lasting impression and to effectively raise awareness of an issue or a treatment.”

Rod Wooten, “AstraZeneca Takes a New Advertising Approach to Engage & Educate Consumers,”, Oct. 1, 2013


“For patients and physicians, we provide medicines for some of the world’s most serious diseases. For the people who pay for health care, we work to make sure that our medicines offer real value for money. For our employees, we provide a culture in which they can feel appreciated, energized and rewarded for their contribution. For our shareholders, we aim to deliver value through our continued focus on innovation and running our business efficiently. For the wider community, we want to be valued for the contribution our medicines can make to society and trusted for the way in which we do business.

We work closely with all our stakeholders to understand their challenges and how we can combine our skills and resources to achieve a common goal: improved health.”

“About Us,” (accessed Mar. 12, 2014)


“AstraZeneca is a global biopharmaceutical company with research and development at its core.

Our mission is to make a meaningful difference to healthcare through great medicines. This is founded on the pursuit of scientific excellence that addresses unmet patient need.

Our expertise spans the entire life-cycle of a medicine and we have capabilities in both small molecules and biologics. This allows us to search for solutions to unmet medical needs using both modalities, individually or in combination.”

“Research,” (accessed Mar. 12, 2014)

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